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About Black Dragon Books

In 2018 I was struggling with my mental health. It’s something I’m always open about with others because it’s important to remove the stigma surrounding mental health. It is not something you want to go through alone.

The reason I mention this is because books were part of improving my mental health. I’d never been a reader but I picked up some fantasy books and was completely absorbed into those worlds. I started with Mistborn early-era followed by Kingkiller Chronicle. Shortly after I read Legends of the First Empire, Foundryside, and Sword of Kaigen. Books provided me with an escape, something for my mind to focus on. A world in which to relax.

I then joined Twitter, followed authors and book bloggers. At first, I joined as a means to learn about other SFF books I would enjoy, but I quickly became engaged in the community. It was a perfect outlet for me and the community is wonderful and welcoming. I was inspired to set up my own blog and review books, leading to me joining Goodreads and NetGalley. I even started building aspects of my own world ideas which may or may not lead to me writing a book in the future.

My love of books has grown, just looking at them makes me happy. I’m sure you know what I mean… the amazing artwork; reading titles that stir up memories and emotions. I actually shirk-wrap my books and purchase the ebook to read so that they don’t get ruined!!!

I thought about a variety of business ventures, some of which I’m still working on, but the one I was most enthused about was setting up an independent bookstore. I want to share my love of books, promote literacy and raise money for charity… and so Black Dragon Books was born.

On a side note, I built this website myself, it’s been fun and a great learning experience. I’ve built several WordPress sites for people, so if you need help, want to chat and bounce ideas off someone, feel free to get in touch. I use several pro-level plugins on this site but can also recommend lots of free alternatives, including some essentials.


If you would like to join us as a reviewer please get in touch.

Setting up a website or blog isn’t easy for everyone, and some people don’t want to review regularly enough to warrant setting up a blog. We already have a platform you can use and want to make accessing the community as easy as possible for everyone. There is no pressure on you to post on a regular timetable.

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