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Author Interview: Rita A. Rubin

My name is Rita A. Rubin. I’m 24 and a self-published author and self-taught artist from Australia.


Use three to five words to describe yourself.


Can you give us a little background on your upcoming/existing book or series?

My debut novel, Amulet of Wishes, is the first book in my Chronicles of the Guardians series. It’s a high fantasy that focuses on a boy named, Derek Draco, who is a member of the Guardians, a society of people who have the ability to turn into dragons and who use that power to help them protect their homeland.

Can you give us any insight into your planning and writing process?

Before I actually start writing, I first brainstorm all the ideas I have for a story, figure out which ones I like and which I don’t and once I feel like I have a good idea of what I want the story to look like, I’ll start outlining. Then after the outlining comes the drafting scenes out of order. I’ve found that writing whichever scenes I feel like writing at the time regardless of order means that I write faster.

Silence or music or other when writing/editing?

I like to listen to music, but only instrumentals because anything with lyrics distract me. Music can be a big help for me with trying figure out the tone of a scene.

You can erase one book or series from your mind entirely so that you can read it again for the first time, which do you erase?

I’d pick Dark Rise by C.S. Pacat. The plot twist at the end was so wild and I’d love to experience reading that for the first time again.

Who are some of your favourite authors/books?

Some of my favourite authors are C.S. Pacat, V.E. Schwab and Margaret Rogerson and some of my favourite books include Lumatere Chronicles and the Captive Prince trilogy.

Who are your favourite book characters?

Laurent and Damen from Captive Prince
Tessa Gray from The Infernal Devices
Kieran from The Dark Artifices
Darcy and Tori from Heartstopper

Do you have any favourite magic systems?

I think the magic system in Bloody Spade by Brittany M. Willows is really cool.

You can bring one world from a book or series to life and live there, which world do you choose

Either Middle-Earth, specifically, the Shire, or Red London from A Darker Shade of Magic.

What book or series would you love to see on the big screen?

I’d love to see a Vicious movie.

You can collaborate with one other author, who do you choose?

There’s so many amazing writers I’d love to try collaborating with, but Talli L. Morgan and Juniper Lake Fitzgerald are top of my list.

What is your favourite mythical creature?


What is your favourite mythical race?


You can have one superpower, what is it?

I think super strength would be a pretty neat power to have. That or super speed.

You can go back in time and live a different period of history, when do you choose?

I’d love to go back to either the Victorian or Regency eras.

You can meet any five people in the world, who would you choose?

Brittany M. Willows
A.D. Wills
Talli L. Morgan
Rue Sparks
Juniper Lake Fitzgerald

All of my writer friends really.

Would you rather…

  • ride a dragon or fly a spaceship?
  • have the ability to fly or be indestructible?
    • Be indestructible
  • be an elf or an orc?
    • Be an elf.
  • have the ability to travel to mythical worlds, from your favourite books, or the ability to travel faster than light and visit planets and solar systems in this universe?
    • Visit worlds from books
  • face one orc or three goblins in battle?
    • Face one orc
  • be an expert swordsman or archer?
    • An expert swordsman
  • be able to wield elemental magic or raise and control the dead?
    • Elemental magic
  • live in a city under the ocean or one floating in the clouds?
    • A city in the clouds
  • be able to see the past or see the future?
    • See the past

Thank you for taking the time, we really appreciate it.