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Author Interview: S. C. Vincent


Use three to five words to describe yourself.

American science fiction and fantasy author

Can you give us a little background on your debut?

My current release, The Arcadian Destiny, was my very first novel believe it or not. It took several years of rewriting to get it just right. My next book will probably be a novella length fantasy called Ys: The Fallen. A lot of its lore is inspired by the bible, specifically the book of Genesis. Look forward to it maybe next year!

Can you give us any insight into your planning and writing process?

Hmm… I’ve written four books now and my process has become quite streamlined since I first started. I usually have a page or two of what I want to happen in the book. And then I spread that out into an outline which details each chapter and all the important events that happen in them. After that is when I start the first draft.

Silence or music or other when writing/editing?

Usually silence but with my latest book I wrote while listening to Japanese city-pop. I did it specifically to help capture the feeling I was trying to impose on the work.

You can erase one book or series from your mind entirely so that you can read it again for the first time, which do you erase?

Animal Farm because it was the first book to make me cry.

Who are some of your favourite authors/books?

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is one of my favorite books.

Who are your favourite book characters?

The Tin Woodman from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

What book or series would you love to see on the big screen?

That’s hard to say because I don’t think I’ve seen a decent adaptation in a long time. I think Beggars in Spain could make a good show.

Have any cultures/civilisations inspired your writing?

Yes, the Japanese have inspired me most recently in my writing.

Would you rather…

  • ride a dragon or fly a spaceship?
    • What’s the gas prices like for the dragon?
  • have the ability to fly or be indestructible?
    • Flight! Who want’s to live forever?

Thank you for taking the time, we really appreciate it.