The site doesn’t seem to be displaying properly.

Firstly, please clear your browser’s cache and then try reloading the website.

If this doesn’t work please check the browser plugins you may have enabled. For example, many ad-blocker plugins, by default, blocks more than just ads, they block a variety of scripts. Also, if you are using a script blocker plugin that blocks things like JavaScript this will likely cause issues. Please whitelist Black Dragon Books in these plugins, or disable them, and try reloading the page (you may need to clear the cache again after whitelisting/disabling).

We also recommend using Firefox or Chrome as your browser.

How do I create an account?

You can create an account when placing an order with us or by registering via our login/registration page. You also have the option of signing in using various social logins.

Are book images on your site identical to the book I will receive?

We take our images directly from our supplier and in most cases, the image will be the same as the book you receive. However, the best thing to do is check the ISBN number – this is the version you will receive.

Is payment secure on your website?

Yes, we use Square to process our payments. You can find out more about Square here.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

UK orders typically arrive within 3 days. Please see our Delivery Policy for further information.

However, please be aware that most, if not all, firm sale items are printed on demand and take an average of 10 working days to be despatched. If your order includes firm sale items it will not be dispatched until all items are available.

I think my item has been lost. What do I do?

Please contact us at [email protected] We will check with our carrier, though typically 10 working days from the date we dispatched your item must pass before the carrier will consider an item lost.

How much does delivery cost?

Costs are displayed just above the footer on each page.

How do I arrange a return or refund?

Please view our Returns Policy.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Unfortunately, at the moment this is not a service we offer. The postage costs mean it likely isn’t viable for you to purchase from us.

Do the children’s categories 0-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, and 11+ indicated reading age?

No. All children learn to read at a different pace and your child’s school should be able to advise you on their reading age. Also, some books are suitable for an audience at that age but not typically read by a child of that age.

Let’s take Roald Dahl’s books as an example. Most are categorised as 5-6, 7-8, and 9-11, however, the reading age for these books is 7+, most 5-6-year-olds would likely struggle, however, these books are excellent books for an adult to read to a child as a story.

Another great example is the ‘Mog’ series of books. These are labelled 0-2, 3-4, and 5-6. These books are great to read to children aged 1-3. However, they are also great for children when they begin to learn to read and are of suitable interest for children aged up to around 6.

Great resources for more information are Book Trust and Love Reading 4 Kids.

How do you calculate to 5% – 28% that you donate to BookTrust?

The percentage is based on traditionally published books with an RRP of £22 or less, which is almost every book we sell and accounts for an overwhelming majority (almost all) of our transactions. Some mainstream and, in particular, indie hardback books, especially those with a high page count, have an RRP above £22. Similarly, box sets can have an RRP of over £100. On such items, the donation is below 5%.

The calculation is:
Step 1: Book Sale Price – (Book Cost + Transaction Fee) = Profit
Step 2: Donation / Profit = Donation Percentage

‘Transaction Fee’ is the fee we pay to our payment provider, Square, and is calculated as a percentage of the ‘Book Sale Price’ + 6p (the transaction fee of standard postage).

Why are discounts not as high on indie books?

Margins on some indie books can often be very small leaving little wiggle room. They also have a higher printing cost due to being printed on demand. We do our best to keep discounts as high as possible.