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How to Become a SUCCESSFUL Self-Published Author

I talked to Ryan Cahill, the author of The Bound and the Broken series, about how he found success in self-publishing!

Check out Ryan Cahill’s blog post on “Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Self-Publishing: https://www.selfpublishedfantasymonth.com/things-i-wish-i-knew-when-i-started-self-publishing-by-ryan-cahill/

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0:00 Intro
1:01 Rapid Questions
1:04 What is one thing that you wish you knew about self-publishing before publishing your book?
2:07 What is more important? An editor or a beautiful cover?
3:40 Writing process
3:45 How many words should I write in a day? Should I write every day?
5:53 How many books should you publish a year?
7:43 How important is it to find a good writing process 1-5?
8:43 Covers
8:46 How important is a beautiful cover?
10:55 How much should you spend on a cover?
13:31 How important is a good cover from 1-5?
13:46 Pricing
14:00 How did you price your book initially?
14:11 Why do you think it was important to start with 0.99?
22:59 How important is it to set the right price 1-5?
23:14 Marketing
23:27 How were you able to get so many reviews early on?
29:10 How many arcs should you give out?
34:11 How did you approach reviewers?
40:26 In what other ways do you promote your book?
46:31 How important is marketing 1-5?
47:26 Amazon Exclusive/Wide
47:34 What is the difference between Amazon Exclusive and Wide?
48:12 Which one would you recommend?
50:54 How important is choosing the right distribution 1-5?
51:23 Launch
51:26 How much time should there be between finishing a book and launch?
59:29 Any tips on how to successfully launch your book?
1:05:47 Concluding thoughts?
1:05:50 What advice would you give to someone considering indie publishing?
1:07:14 Conclusion

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