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Jade Legacy

Book 3 in the series, final.


Jade, the mysterious and magical substance once exclusive to the Green Bone warriors of Kekon, is now known and coveted throughout the world. Everyone wants access to the supernatural abilities it provides, from traditional forces such as governments, mercenaries, and criminal kingpins, to modern players, including doctors, athletes, and movie studios. As the struggle over the control of jade grows ever larger and more deadly, the Kaul family, and the ancient ways of the Kekonese Green Bones, will never be the same.

The Kauls have been battered by war and tragedy. They are plagued by resentments and old wounds as their adversaries are on the ascent and their country is riven by dangerous factions and foreign interference that could destroy the Green Bone way of life altogether. As a new generation arises, the clan’s growing empire is in danger of coming apart.

The clan must discern allies from enemies, set aside aside bloody rivalries, and make terrible sacrifices… but even the unbreakable bonds of blood and loyalty may not be enough to ensure the survival of the Green Bone clans and the nation they are sworn to protect.


Rating: 2 out of 5.

Right now feels like a very good time to remind people that 2 stars means that I thought a book was “okay,” not bad.

If you absolutely loved the first two books, this book is not going to be a two for you. If you didn’t care for the first book, then you’ll hate this. And if you were on the fence/middle of the road on the previous books, like I was, then you’ll probably also end up at the 2/3 star mark.

Lee is a good writer, but her insistence that the reader know every tiny detail about literally everything and everyone is exhausting when you are more than 1000 pages into her series. Did I really need to know that so-and-so’s cousin’s sister’s friend’s boyfriend had [x] backstory when he is in the book for a page and a half? Did I really need the history of the financial district and the Kekon Jade Alliance for the 7th time? For a series that spans more than 30 years, Lee doesn’t seem to expect the reader to be able to keep up with very much.

This bog of details just really destroyed the pace of the novel. It’s a slow series to being with, but this book barely ever gets above a crawl. They call it the “slow war” but the stalemate war seems a lot more accurate. The clans honestly don’t feel like they are anywhere different then they were at the end of book one until the very, very end of this book – which has over 1000 pages and 25 years between the two points.

The pacing of the novel, combined with more predictable choices than :Lee usually makes, sucked any urgency or tension right out of the book, so that when things DID happen it was about as exciting as reading a recipe card.

The end itself was not anything I would even being to call bad, it was fairly fitting in fact, but it just felt like too little too late after so much meandering background. I’ve still got my fingers crossed that this series is going to be picked up as a show, because I would watch the absolutely hell out of it, but as a book I was simply bored by the end.

It honestly comes down to how invested you are, personally, in these characters. If you are “ride or die” for them, then my god is this book going to be a trip for you. But if you’re not? Then you’re much more likely to fall on the “this was frustrating and tedious” side of things.