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Since this is the CW section I won’t dance around this. A 9 year old is repeatedly raped in this book by her father. The rape is not really described but the author is very clear that it happened. There is also a 14 year old having an abortion, a graphic beating of a 16 year old, a graphic rape scene of a 16 year old, a short description of forced oral sex with a child, a 16 year old being forced to carry her rapist’s child to term, and graphic gory descriptions of a live frog being eaten. The last doesn’t seem like much compared to the rest, but its very descriptive and long and I found it to be pretty stomach churning on top of everything else. The last 3rd of the story, and the ending, is also all about Tan Tan having to defend herself for finally defending herself against her rapist.

There are other pretty violent things that happen, but these are the big ones and why, while willing to read another of Hopkinson’s books, would never recommend or reread this one.