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Review: Mistborn 0.5 – The Eleventh Metal

“This story was written specifically for the Mistborn Adventure Game, a tabletop RPG. Please keep in mind that the story was intended to help a GM bring his players up to speed on the world if they haven’t read the books. There are a few goodies for those who want to know more about Kelsier, but this story is not meant to stand wholly on its own.”

~ Brandon Sanderson.

Goodreads synopsis

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Review of The Eleventh Metal

The Eleventh Metal is a short story (21 pages) prequel to the early-era Mistborn trilogy (which is amazing!). Though it can be read before the Mistorn trilogy—it is a prequel after all—I’d recommend reading book one of Mistborn, The Final Empire, first. The Eleventh Metal is about Kesier, who is the main character in The Final Empire. Therefore, in my opinion, reading The Final Empire first will enhance your experience when reading The Eleventh Metal, because you’ll know who Kelsier is. What he stands for. You’ll have an emotional attachment to him.

The story itself is a lovely little short story. I’ve awarded it four stars, but it probably would have been three had I not already know who Kelsier was. Knowing him improves the story, hence the above recommendation. In the Eleventh Metal, we learn a little about Kelsier in his earlier years, when control over his abilities was in its infancy. He is training with Gemmel, a somewhat crazy older Mistborn, who tends to lean towards aggressive measures. He certainly goes some way towards explaining Kelsier actions at times. Also, the event the story culminates in is the point at which Kelsier realised maybe he could make a massive change to the world and stop pretending at it.

I’d love to see read more about Kelsier, Gemmel, his training, and their adventures in the future.