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My World Part 01: Cyclic Calendar

I’ve been thinking about writing a fantasy novel for a while. Fragmented thoughts regarding story arcs, key events to define characters, social & political structures, economical factors races and how to end one book to lead into another, but as of yet nothing solid. I haven’t actually sat down to try and piece something together. Anyway, one aspect I’ve been thinking about the past two days was a calendar system and here it is!

There are no weeks or weekdays, just days 1-28 for each of the thirteen months. I may decide to use certain days in a month for particular things depending on the story and civilisation but don’t feel the need for a Monday-Sunday structure. For example, every 7th day may be a religious holiday.

If you did the quick math, there are only 364 calendar days. However, day 365 will be a special day, not part of a month. It will signify the transition from one year to the next; a day for celebration. Day 365 will be the summer solstice (or thereabouts, since it deviates slightly), and is to be known as the Day of Light–the longest day of the year. This also means the year starts in June, lucky for the beings of my world, Early-harvest is the month before the transition to the new year so there will be plenty of food and drink for celebration, instead of the drab weather and harsh environment of winter.

Furthermore, to incorporate a leap year I have designed the calendar to function in Cycles, hence being named the ‘Cyclic Calendar’ (I’ll probably change this once I create a world). Each Cycle will be four years (as yet not named). At the end of the fourth year of a Cycle, there with be the Day of Light (Day 365) followed by the Day of Rebirth (day 366).

If you are interested in how I mapped 13 months against 12 months, here is the info:

Cyclic Calendar 02