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My World Part 03b: Weights and Measures (2/2–artwork)

I thought I’d have a go at the artwork for my weights and measures system, as I did with the ‘Cyclic Calendar‘ and ‘Currency‘ system. The idea of the artwork it to create an information leaflet of sorts. One that looks old and dated and could be used in a book if I write a novel.

You can access the full details and breakdown of my process when creating the weights and measures system here.

I’ll add artwork as I created them. At the time of the post I have only done ‘Length Explained’. So check back in the future if all four are not yet up.

Length Artwork
25 hairs in a finger; 25 fingers in a foot; 25 foot in a tenstride; 25 tenstride in a scant-myle; 25 scant-myle in a lige. Thumb (2 fingers) and myle (1/3 of league) are sub-units.

These are the closest real-world equivalents and are not exact. Actual calculations can be viewed in here.
Volume Artwork
28 drops in a drip; 28 drips in a splash; 28 splashes in a jug; 28 jugs in a keg; and 28 kegs in a vat. Mug (half a jug) and barrel (4 kegs) are sub-units.

The units showed are almost exact.
Weight Artwork
13 grains in a granule; 13 granule in a chipping; 13 chippings in a pebble; 13 pebbles in a slate; 13 slate in a stone’ 13 stone in a slab; 13 slabs in a block. Boulder is a sub-unit (2.5 blocks). I added this unit as the average weight of a cubic metre of stone is 2.5-3 tons. Therefore a ‘boulder’ is easy to visualise.

Conversions are not exact. They are rounded to a close modern approximation. More accurate calculation (2 decimal places) can be found on here.
Area Artwork
Modern units are exact (consistent multiplication of 4 from 0.25 acres)