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Review: The Girl and the Moon: Book of the Ice 3


The fate of the world hangs from the Moon

The green world overwhelms all of Yaz’s expectations. Everything seems different but some things remain the same: her old enemies are still bent on her destruction.

The Corridor abounds with plenty and unsuspected danger. To stand a chance against the eyeless priest, Eular, and the god-like city-mind, Seus, Yaz will need to learn fast and make new friends.

The Convent of Sweet Mercy, like the Corridor itself, is packed with peril and opportunity. Yaz needs the nuns’ help – but first they want to execute her.

The fate of everyone squeezed between the Corridor’s vast walls, and ultimately the fate of those labouring to survive out on ice itself, hangs from the moon, and the battle to save the moon centres on the Ark of the Missing, buried beneath the emperor’s palace. Everyone wants Yaz to be the key that will open the Ark – the one the wise have sought for generations. But sometimes wanting isn’t enough.

THE GIRL AND THE MOON is the third and final volume in The Book of Ice trilogy.



If you follow me on Goodreads or my review here, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Mark’s work. That’s not to say I 5* everything, I don’t. I found The Broken Empire and the Red Queens War in the 3.5* – 4* range, whereas I rated the Book of the Ancestor a 4.5* – 5*. Mark’s work is consistently good to great and he’s quite prolific. I think he’s up to around 15 published books and believe he has already written his next trilogy!

Book of the Ice is right up there with Book of the Ancestor. I loved The Girl and the Stars, it brought me out of a reading slump, and it was great to be back on Abeth, albeit, on the ice. The Girl and the Mountain was also a great read, so I had high hopes for The Girl and the Moon, and it didn’t disappoint.

At the end of The Girl and the Mountain Yaz, and some of her friends, found themselves in the Green Belt, more specifically at The Convent of Sweet Mercy (where Book of the Ancestor takes place).

Yaz and her friends are unable to speak the language, but Yaz quickly adapts thanks to her connection with Mali, a quantal novice at The Convent of Sweet Mercy, who Yaz met on the ice (in The Girl and the Mountain). They also find everything so new! Warm water, hot food… lots of food types, warm weather, a variety of clothing, animals, plants, everything really, and this is endearing. It made me wonder what it would be like to discover something such a vastly different civilisation. Imagine living during a somewhat recent time period like the 19th century and then arriving in modern times, how would we deal with such a change?

Early on, Yaz and Quina stay at the Convent, for reasons I will not spoil, so Thurin and Erris travel into the city with Mali to continue their quest to save the moon, while Yaz and Quina train and learn at the Convent.

There are lots of connections in this book. Most obviously, f you’ve read Book of the Ancestor, you’ll find lots of cross over in The Girl and the Moon, albeit in an earlier time period, one where Sister Pan is a young novice! Jorg even makes an appearance… if you can spot him… there’s a challenge for you! And, of course, Taproot.

Our contingent goes through many trials and tribulations as they fight to save the Moon, their lives always in peril as they search for the Ark of the Missing. I’m not going to spoil the story discussing it, but rest assured this is a great conclusion to a wonderful series. There is plenty of excitement, many reveals and crossovers, combat, interesting new characters, and technology that we’ve come to expect on Abeth. Mark also does a wonderful job of closing out this trilogy.

Yaz had walked on water her entire life, and now in this place where it fell molten from the skies they planned to drown her in the stuff.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.