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Flames Of Mira: The Rift Walker Book 1 (HB)
Flames Of Mira: The Rift Walker Book 1 (HB)



Projected release date: July 7, 2022

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Flames Of Mira: The Rift Walker Book 1 (HB)


Flames Of Mira: The Rift Walker

Clay Harmon

Format: Hardback 448 pages
Publisher: Rebellion
Imprint: Rebellion
ISBN: 9781786185419
Published: 7 Jul 2022

Projected release date: July 7, 2022
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An epic new fantasy in a world of ice, magma and magic!

Among the volcanoes beneath Mira’s frozen lands, people like Ig are forced to undergo life-threatening trials that bind chemical elements to the human body. One of Mira’s most powerful elementals, Ig works in secret as an enforcer for the corrupt Magnate Sorrelo Adriann, but is cursed with flesh binding magic — magic that will kill him at the first sign of disobedience. His days are spent hunting down anyone who would oppose the magnate, a shell of his old self who clings to old memories and his budding friendships with the magnate’s son and daughter.

When Sorrelo is overthrown in a coup and the country is thrown into chaos, Ig quickly learns he can do far worse than what Sorrelo has asked from him so far. If he can’t rediscover the person he was and escape the flesh binding in time, he will have to kill countless innocents as Sorrelo and his allies seek to reclaim the throne, or sacrifice himself trying.


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