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Fortune’s Fool: Eterean Empire Book 1 (HB)
Fortune’s Fool: Eterean Empire Book 1 (HB)



In stock

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Fortune’s Fool: Eterean Empire Book 1 (HB)


Fortune’s Fool | Eterean Empire

Angela Boord

Format: Hardback / 726 pages
Publisher: Impossible Books
Imprint: Impossible Books
ISBN: 9781735944302
Published: 25 Nov 2020

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In stock

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A secret affair. A disfiguring punishment. A burning need for revenge.

Kyrra d’Aliente has a bad reputation and an arm made of metal.

Cast out of the safe and luxurious world of silk to which she was born, played as a pawn in a game of feuding Houses, Kyrra navigates a dangerous world of mercenaries, spies, and smugglers while disguising herself as a man.

War destroyed her family and the man she loved.

Vengeance is within her grasp.

But is she willing to pay its price?


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