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Sluts and Whores
Sluts and Whores



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Sluts and Whores


Sluts and Whores

C. E. Hoffman

Format: Paperback / 208 pages
Publisher: Thurston Howl Publications
Imprint: Thurston Howl Publications
ISBN: 9781945247989
Published: 14 Feb 2021

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In stock

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A jealous girlfriend trips on acid; a spa worker is challenged to take control of her fate. A haunted jeep parks in front of student housing; a sex worker grows wings; and a hitchhiker is picked up by someone she’d never expect.

SLUTS and WHORES is an #OwnVoices Urban Fantasy short story collection.

In C E Hoffman’s debut, one will find a pile of Pandora’s Boxes waiting to be opened.

Exploring the humanity of sex workers (“whores”) and people who are proudly sexual (“sluts”), this collection questions stereotypes that are long out of date, merging horror with heartache, and the magical with the mundane.

Welcome to the Big City, where anything can happen…and very often does.


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