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Spark City: Spark City Cycle Book 1
Spark City: Spark City Cycle Book 1



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Spark City: Spark City Cycle Book 1


Spark City: Spark City Cycle

Robert J. Power

Format: Paperback / 532 pages
Publisher: de Paor Press
Imprint: de Paor Press
ISBN: 9781999999407
Published: 18 Feb 2018

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Erroh has a plan. A simple plan. It’ll never work. Thousands of years after the human race collapsed, what remains of a once-great world is a tiered system of a warrior species with limitless potential for war and survival. An elaborate and gilded world stretches out before a young man, who finds his feet too small, or at least too unwilling, to step into the shoes fashioned for him. At Erroh’s age, his parents had already ended the Four Factions war, conquered the Savage Isles, and restored peace to their lands. Erroh finds little interest in becoming a warrior or legend and instead slips off into the world alone. When he stumbles upon the remains of a marauder attack, Erroh begins to question the future of their survival and his place in it. Now following the tracks of a cryptic killer Erroh must seek out those who are destroying nearby villages and uncover the truth behind the one who calls himself the Woodin Man, all the while trying to find any type of common ground with the girl in the yellow dress.


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