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The Mists of Niflheim: The Ragnarok Era Book 2
The Mists of Niflheim: The Ragnarok Era Book 2



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The Mists of Niflheim: The Ragnarok Era Book 2


The Mists of Niflheim: The Ragnarok Era

Matt Larkin

Format: Paperback / 456pages
Publisher: Incandescent Phoenix Books
Imprint: Incandescent Phoenix Books
ISBN: 9781946686060
Published: 29 Mar 2017

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Only 1 left in stock

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The Mist Spreads …

Idunn’s apples rendered Odin the god-king of his harsh lands. Now Idunn calls upon him to fulfill a greater destiny: a sojourn to the islands of the gods where he must overthrow those his people have long worshipped.

The numerous petty kingdoms and hostile armies that lay in Odin’s way pale before the greater threat: the vengeful Children of Mist, sorcerers armed with daunting skills and able to unleash draugar, trolls, and the most horrific terrors of Hel. Odin must overcome these Otherworldly foes lest his people perish having never beheld the islands of paradise.

The Mists of Niflheim continues the historical fantasy epic begun in The Apples of Idunn. Fans of tragic mythology and glorious quests should not miss this book in The Ragnarok Era.


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