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The Rayne Project: Project Hercules Book 1
The Rayne Project: Project Hercules Book 1



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The Rayne Project: Project Hercules Book 1


The Black Widow: Project Hercules

Lyna Lopez

Format: Paperback / 438 pages
Publisher: Websterland Books
Imprint: Websterland Books
ISBN: 9781734364507
Published: 26 Feb 2020

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Chaos plagued the world after the wars put the habitable zones under government rule, building genetically enhanced super-soldiers to fight the battle for them. Rayne’s found out that she’s one of these super-humans. Her semi-normal life got a little more complicated now that she’s on the run because Rayne’s not meant to be alive–let alone a super. The only people that can help her are the rest of the fugitive super-soldiers on the move from the very government trying to annihilate them.

Roman Braggart’s job is to find the fugitives and bring them back to the compound, dead or alive. But, Rayne isn’t like they’ve made her out to be. All she wants is to find her family and end this battle before it takes the only people she has left. Going against the General’s orders, Rome and Rayne must find a way to stay together and beat the man at his own wicked game. With surprises at every turn, Rome is determined to keep Rayne safe, no matter how much the willful girl pushes him away.


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