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The Black Widow: Project Hercules Book 2
The Black Widow: Project Hercules Book 2



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The Black Widow: Project Hercules Book 2


The Black Widow: Project Hercules

Lyna Lopez

Format: Paperback / 428 pages
Publisher: Websterland Books
Imprint: Websterland Books
ISBN: 9781734364521
Published: 23 Apr 2021

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In stock

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Silk’s world is stuck in a boundless cycle of plagued lands and twisted minds perpetually spinning out of control until the day someone endeavors to put an end to it. Silk hasn’t had it easy for a long time. Her rage toward men stems from a distorted youth and not made any better now that she’s in hiding along with the rest of her super-soldier siblings from batch 001.

But everything is changing, and the siblings’ existence is no longer covert. Their abilities are out of control while Rayne’s mind is in Braggart’s command. To make matters worse, her first real mission outside of Safe Haven is to protect Gavin Foxhand no matter the cost-even if the price is her heart. But, can she do it?

The genius hacker doesn’t know the meaning of giving up. Will he break through the walls Silk has fortified her entire life? Even if the entire military is banging on their door, Silk will do anything in her power to fight back against them and eliminate the threats in their path.


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