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Argo: Blades of Bronze 1
Argo: Blades of Bronze 1



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Argo: Blades of Bronze 1


Argo: Blades of Bronze

Mark Knowles

Format: Paperback / softback 640 pages
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Imprint: Head of Zeus — an Aries Book
ISBN: 9781801102728
Published: 3 Mar 2022

In stock

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An action-filled retelling of the famous Greek myth, Jason and the Golden Fleece, brilliantly reimagined by Cambridge classicist, Mark Knowles.

He has come to take what is yours.
Kingdom of Iolkos, Thessaly. 1250 BC

Twenty years ago, the Kingdom of Iolkos was attacked and the young prince – Jason, son of King Aeson – was smuggled from the palace.

Now, Jason has become a fearless seafarer and explorer. He returns to Thessaly, bitterly determined to make his rightful claim to the throne. But King Pelias won’t give up the rule of Thessaly easily. So he gives Jason an impossible challenge: to win back his throne he must steal the Golden Fleece from the distant kingdom of Colchis.

Jason assembles a band of Greece’s best warriors for his crew aboard the Argo. But even with these mighty athletes by his side, Jason will have to overcome the brutal challenges hurled his way and quickly distinguish friend from foe. His mission and his life depends on his wits and skills with a blade…

‘Knowles has combined historical realities with sure-footed imagination … Brilliant’ Cambridge University (on The Consul’s Daughter)


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