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Death in the East: Wyndham and Banerjee Book 4
Death in the East: Wyndham and Banerjee Book 4



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Death in the East: Wyndham and Banerjee Book 4


Death in the East: Wyndham and Banerjee

Abir Mukherjee

Format: Paperback / 432 pages
Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Imprint: Vintage
ISBN: 9781784708535
Published: 6 Aug 2020

In stock

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1905, London. As a young constable, Sam Wyndham is on his usual East London beat when he comes across an old flame, Bessie Drummond, attacked in the streets. The next day, when Bessie is found brutally beaten in her own room, locked from the inside, Wyndham promises to get to the bottom of her murder. But the case will cost the young constable more than he ever imagined.

1922, India. Leaving Calcutta, Captain Sam Wyndham heads for the hills of Assam, to the ashram of a sainted monk where he hopes to conquer his opium addiction. But when he arrives, he sees a ghost from his life in London – a man thought to be long dead, a man Wyndham hoped he would never see again.

Wyndham knows he must call his friend and colleague Sergeant Banerjee for help. He is certain this figure from his past isn’t here by coincidence. He is here for revenge . . .


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