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From the Ashes: The Colosseum Book 1
From the Ashes: The Colosseum Book 1



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From the Ashes: The Colosseum Book 1


From the Ashes: The Colosseum

Melissa Addey

Format: Paperback / 316 pages
Publisher: Letterpress Publishing
Imprint: Letterpress Publishing
ISBN: 9781910940808
Published: 5 Feb 2021

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Rome, 80AD. A gigantic new amphitheatre is being built. The Emperor has plans for gladiatorial Games on a scale no-one has ever seen before. But the Games don’t just happen. They must be made. And Marcus, the man in charge of creating them, has just lost everything he held dear when Pompeii disappeared under the searing wrath of Vesuvius. Now it will fall to Althea, the slave woman who serves as his scribe, to ensure the Colosseum is inaugurated on time – and that Marcus makes his way out of the darkness that calls to him.


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