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A Gathering Darkness: Gathering Darkness Book 1
A Gathering Darkness: Gathering Darkness Book 1



In stock

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A Gathering Darkness: Gathering Darkness Book 1


A Gathering Darkness: Gathering Darkness

Lyndsey Lavan

Format: Paperback / 224 pages
Publisher: Lvtk Publishing
Imprint: Lvtk Publishing
ISBN: 9781087990644
Published: 28 Sep 2021

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In stock

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Bloodsucker. Nightstalker. Leech. Fiend. Demon. Vampire. No matter what humans used to call them, they call them Master. Welcome to the future.

Two hundred years ago, humans spiraled out of control and into World War III. Those who hadn’t survived the aftermath were the lucky ones. The technological world as they knew it ended in a fiery apocalypse, and what rose in the darkness was worse than anything they could have imagined.

They have conditioned most humans to accept their new lives under the Masters’ control, but a small few fight back against the tyrants. Although Vamps have burned most of the books and hidden the knowledge of themselves, there are those who search it out, no matter the cost. The Nightshades.

Emily Nightshade, eldest daughter of the rebel leader, was raised on her papaw’s fairy tales and wild stories. She yearns for a life of adventure outside the oppressive village and when her papaw falls ill, she will do anything to save him. They send her deep in the heart of the Vamp’s world to hunt down the medicine needed to cure him. When tragedy strikes, she must try to trust a monster or fail and lose what matters most. Can she make it home with her life and heart intact? Or will she become what she fears most… cattle?


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