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Earthly Bodies
Earthly Bodies



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Earthly Bodies


Earthly Bodies

Susan Earlam

Format: Paperback / 382 pages
Publisher: Speleorex Press
Imprint: Speleorex Press
ISBN: 9781838379414
Published: 17 Apr 2021

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In stock

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It is 2058. Rebecca, a widow, receives an invitation to leave Earth and start over, but nature has evolved and is tagging along for the ride.

Earthly Bodies is a dystopian eco-horror story that spans the ages, where strangers reveal their contribution to an extraordinary act of survival.

An artist ahead of his time crafts a new way of painting portraits, causing outcry and claims of heresy.
A military man becomes obsessed with growing something he found on manoeuvres far from home.
A lonely geneticist helps her brother with his plan to save humanity; secretly selecting humans to join a mission and escape a ravaged Earth.
Rebecca seeks a fresh start, away from her devastating loss.

Harmony with Nature is everyone’s wish. It’s time to be careful what you wish for.

Readers of speculative fiction and feminist horror will enjoy this novel.

Earthly Bodies echoes the visionary environmental scope of The Overstory and Annihilation, with the horror of Naomi Booth’s Sealed, and a structure more like Station Eleven.


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