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Everfrost: Venari Book 2
Everfrost: Venari Book 2



In stock

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Everfrost: Venari Book 2


Everfrost: Venari

Lou Yardley

Format: Paperback / softback 352 pages
Publisher: Lou Yardley
Imprint: Lou Yardley
ISBN: 9781999645281
Published: 30 Jul 2021

In stock

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Elkbury is all sixteen-year-old Beatrice Crane has ever known. Raised by her over-protective father, she dreams about leaving the village. When Grub and his fellow soldiers arrive in the Old Dead Oak, it seems like her dreams are about to come true. But dreams in Venari have a deadly habit of turning into nightmares.

As she ventures out of Elkbury to journey to the mysterious Everfrost, Beatrice learns about monsters large and small, violence, death, and more than a little about herself.

The Queen’s Guard have been sent to Everfrost to find out why the settlements in the area keep failing. Why do no survivors ever make it back to Red Fern? The Queen’s scholars and the Knights of the Green Fire seem to think there’s a werewolf problem. But how do you kill a werewolf?

Meanwhile, Father Arcadius has undergone a bit of a change. He’s stronger, faster, hungrier, and hairier than ever.

Set sixteen years after the events of “Banished”, “Everfrost” takes you deeper into the dark fantasy world of Venari.

“Everfrost” is part of a small series that introduces the wonderful, if monstrous, world of Venari. The books can be read in any order, but there are little nuggets of fun that will be enjoyed if read chronologically.


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