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Sharon Sheridan

Format: Paperback / 332 pages
Publisher: Independently Published
Imprint: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781976923777
Published: 17 Jan 2018

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In stock

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A tormented girl haunted by her own reflection. An impossible love triangle. A dark magical tale…

Nova is terrified of mirrors because she can sense it, his presence, when she is alone, especially when it is dark, when every window becomes a mirror.
No one believes her, they feel she is at best eccentric, at worst insane, but she knows what is real, just as deep down, she knows that one day he will reach her.

Lycaen exists beyond the mirrors in a parallel realm. Callophrys is of Lycaen and the girl he seeks relentlessly is his. There is no doubt, only the desperate pursuit to find a bridge, that he may reach her, that he may keep her.


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