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The Butcher
The Butcher



Projected release date: September 13, 2022

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The Butcher


The Butcher

Laura Kat Young

Format: Paperback / softback 320 pages
Publisher: Titan Books Ltd
Imprint: Titan Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781789099034
Published: 13 Sep 2022

Projected release date: September 13, 2022
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A debut small-town horror novel that is a chilling blend of Shirley Jackson meets Devil’s Day by way of Westworld.

When Lady Mae turns 18, she’ll inherit her mother’s ghastly job as the Butcher: dismembering Settlement Five’s guilty criminals as payment for their petty crimes. But then their leaders, known as the Deputies, come to Lady Mae’s house, and there in the living room murder her mother for refusing to butcher a child.

Within twenty-four hours, now alone in the world, Lady Mae begins her gruesome job. But a chance meeting years later puts her face to face with the Deputy that murdered her mother. Now Lady Mae must choose: will she flee, and start another life in the desolate mountains, forever running? Or will she seek vengeance for her mother’s death even if it kills her?


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