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Disintegration: Malfunction Trilogy Book 2
Disintegration: Malfunction Trilogy Book 2



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Disintegration: Malfunction Trilogy Book 2


Disintegration: Malfunction Trilogy

J. E. Purrazzi

Format: Paperback 388 pages
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Imprint: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781719921664
Published: 14 Sep 2018

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What comes after surrender?

When Bas willingly returned to the Compound, Menrva swore his sacrifice wouldn’t be in vain. As Bunker hurtles toward an uncertain future, she determines to do whatever it takes to give humanity their best chance.
All Cowl can think about is rescuing Bas. He incites riots among the citizens in hopes of breaking down the doors, not knowing that Menrva’s abusive husband is staging a violent coup. Civil war breaks out in the Compound and Bas and Menrva are caught in the middle of it.
But something far more dangerous already stalks the corridors of the Hub. Something that is already taking control of Bas’ mind.

The second book in the Malfunction trilogy ramps up the tension and action, as Cowl, Menrva, and Bas must find the will to fight a battle that seems to have been lost from the beginning.


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