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Hieronymus Hawkes

Format: Paperback 400 pages
Publisher: Hieronymus Hawkes
Imprint: Hieronymus Hawkes
ISBN: 9780578853635
Published: 1 Feb 2021

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In the future, serious crime has all but disappeared. With the advent of BioNarratus’s Vitasync neurochip, recording every aspect of your life has become the law. Without it you can’t get a bank account, medical insurance, or a job. Unbeknownst to Cole Westbay, a government agency is bent on using the neurolink tools he helped develop to target and kill potential enemies. But before Cole can act, he wakes with his neurochip destroyed and his recent memory wiped.

Now the centerpiece of a government conspiracy, he’s on the run trying to solve the mystery before they shut him up permanently. In a fight against the clock a renegade caretaker and an enigmatic attorney become his new allies. With their help he tries to discover why he’s being targeted by a single-minded government agent and stop more innocents from being murdered.


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