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God Star: The Triple Stars Book 3
God Star: The Triple Stars Book 3



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God Star: The Triple Stars Book 3


God Star: The Triple Stars

Simon Kewin

Format: Paperback / softback 420 pages
Publisher: Stormcrow Books
Imprint: Stormcrow Books
ISBN: 9781999339579
Published: 23 Oct 2020

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The darkness at the heart of the galaxy

Following the clues given them by the Aetheral, the Radiant Dragon and Toruk, Selene and Ondo close in on the existential threat to galactic life unleashed by Vulpis.

They battle Concordance all the way, aided by unlikely allies and mysterious messages. The trail leads them to more artefacts left behind by the Tok, drawing them ever-closer to the secrets at the heart of the galaxy.

But what they find there, and the truth they uncover about galactic history, changes everything…


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