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His Name was Wren
His Name was Wren



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His Name was Wren


His Name was Wren

Rob Winters

Format: Paperback 330 pages
Publisher: Black Cube Press
Imprint: Black Cube Press
ISBN: 9781838386108
Published: 6 Feb 2021

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During the blackout of 1944, in the small English town of Hurstwick, something mysterious obliterates the church spire and slices through the nearby woods. Was it a secret Nazi weapon, as some locals suggest? Or just a downed plane? Evacuee George Moss finds an otherworldly explanation, then tries to keep it hidden.

Years later, Max Cannon moves to town. With help from his new friends, Ellie and Isaac, he learns of the secret that some residents have guarded for over seven decades.

When that secret is threatened with exposure, strange things occur, and the army descends on Hurstwick. As does a visitor from much further afield, leaving Max and his friends in the middle of a deadly struggle…


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