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Review: The Bound and the Broken 0.5: The Fall


The Order have watched over the continent of Epheria for thousands of years. But there are those who believe The Order has had its day. That it is corrupt, indulgent, and deceitful – that it is ready to fall.

The City of Ilnaen is on fire.
Dragons fill the skies.
Traitors fill the streets.

The Fall is a prequel novella that takes place four hundred years before the events in Of Blood and Fire – book one in The Bound and The Broken series.


Review of The Fall by Ryan Cahill

First thing’s first, you can get this novella for free from Ryan’s website and you really should!

I have purchased both The Fall and Of Blood and Fire in hardback (numbered) and have pre-ordered Of Darkness and Light (book 2) which I have already read having received both an eARC and physically ARC from Ryan.

The Fall is a prequel to Of Blood and Fire. Many people read Of Blood and Fire before The Fall, which was released after Of Blood and Fire. However, I read The Fall first. Either way is fine, though I would recommend reading The Fall first because it enhanced my experience of reading Of Blood and Fire. The extra knowledge about the history of Epheria and certain characters is valuable.

I don’t tend to read many novellas, which is something I intend to correct in the new year. They are an excellent way of getting in a quick and satisfying read.

“The duty of the strong is to protect the weak.”

The Fall is epic… well, it’s only a novella, so not epic in the traditional sense of huge in scale, but epic in terms of style, action, pace, and sheer enjoyment!

It’s brutal and action-packed.

It’s intense and pacy.

It’s bloody and poignant.

It’s full of grief, terror, pain, shock, betrayal, honour… and dragons, literally FULL OF DRAGONS!!!

In less than 100 pages Ryan manages to convey all the above while also eloquently placing the building blocks of excellent world-building. He introduces us to a variety of races, orders, and magic. He sets forth a massive event, ‘The Fall’, that impacts the world of Epheria for centuries, the world we jump into in book one of The Bound and the Broken series, Of Blood and Fire.

“Vengeance. It was as good a reason as any. Vengeance could stir a rebellion, push people to do things beyond what they ever thought they could. But could it support an empire?”


Rating: 5 out of 5.