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Review: The Fires of Heaven

I hated that Jordan killed off several main characters and then immediately undid their deaths. I find the use of “main character immunity” to be weak writing as it undermines any kind of stakes the author is trying to build into the story. It is hard to be invested in any of the big battle scenes when the victor of those battles is never in any doubt. The Forsaken are supposed to be these incredibly powerful legendary villains…and yet they are dropping like flies while the only people on the hero side who die are so insignificant that you have to be told who they are at the same time that you are told that they are dead.

This use of “plot armor” makes it really difficult for me to believe that Moiraine is actually dead either. If I’m right, it will be completely unsurprising when she shows back up. If I’m wrong, then her death had zero emotional impact on me. I can’t imagine either was what Jordon had intended for the reader.

The last thing that bothered me about this book was that it was 900 pages without Loial or Perrin. Initially this wasn’t something I was even going to mention, but by the end of the book their absence felt like insult to injury.

All this being said, I did enjoy the book overall and am still looking forward to continuing on in the series.